City of Heroes

Signature Story Arc 1 – Episode 3


Who Will Die – Episode 3 is part of a seven part story arc in our episodic “Signature Story” content. This story contains one hero and one villain story arc for characters that are Level 30+. Summary: Marshal Blitz, leader of the Rogue Arachnos, has requested a meeting to negotiate a peace treaty between his group and the heroes of Paragon. He has specifically requested that Alexis Cole-Duncan, daughter of Statesman and mother of Ms. Liberty, be present to negotiate. Is Blitz serious, or is he somehow part of the plot to kill a member of the Phalanx?

Hero Contact: Agent Kwahu in the Harvey Medical Center neighborhood, Founders Falls.

Villain Contact: Fortunata Gossamer in Black Mariah, St. Martial.

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