About The Octavian Vanguard

The Octavian Vanguard traces its beginnings to the very start of Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative, in 2001. As stalwart defenders of the Octavian Empire, we struck fear into our enemies, and inspired admiration in our allies. Those who struggled in vain against the obvious superiority of the red empire did not always like us, but they respected us. For years we have fought with honour, bravery, discipline, and skill; above all though we enjoyed the fight. Most of our founding members remain with us to this day, and we continue to uphold the ideals of the Empire.

Since then, many of our pilots retired from active flight duties, but continued on into other games; and over the years we have met and welcomed many new members who share our outlook on all the worlds we visit. We still hold to our core principles: having fun, fighting hard, and being great at what we do. We work as a team, and because of that, we achieve impressive results, regardless of the game. In Planetside, we excelled as a small, tightly disciplined unit, punching well above our weight, just like our corporation in EVE. As costumed heroes (and villains), tank commanders, zombie survivors, or fighting for the RED and BLU companies, in all we have conquered and celebrated.

Our members are a varied lot; men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. What we share is an appreciation for both fun and achievement. We work to be a good team, with discipline where it is useful, and fun wherever we find it. We don’t cheat. We don’t grief. We don’t talk smack to others. We play, hard and well, and celebrate our wins. If you meet us on the field of battle, prepare for a tough fight. And if you meet us in the bar afterwards, then you’d better buy us a drink, or we’ll stealliberate yours.