Farewell to Razor Alliance

After nearly five years in the Razor Alliance, OV EVE has changed direction. The demands of 0.0 life, and the lack of succession planning had caused burnout at the top levels of the corp and it was decided that the only way to continue in 0.0 was to move into the RG corporation. Nearly all pilots have joined the RG corp within razor which will allow them to continue to fight the good fights under the RZR banner and the directors to go back to enjoying themselves instead of fuelling POS for the rest of their mortal lives. The OV banner has been returned to the control of its founder Tar-om who has taken it back to empire for a life of retirement. OV in EVE will now become a rest home for aged EVE players who want to chill out and chat, and perhaps raid the odd wormhole for fun and profit. If you want to join (or re-join) us then just sling in an app.