Winter Event

Presents, ski slopes, snow beasts and more Santa

Winter is blowing in across the bay to Paragon City, and settling on the Rogue Isles like an icy blanket. New presents and threats await both heroes and villains this holiday season. By simply logging in and visiting Paragon City or the Rogue Isles between December 14th and January 2nd, your character will receive the _Cold Front badge_ and a Fuzzy Earmuffs costume piece, so you can look stylish and keep warm while patrolling the streets (or committing nefarious deeds!). You’ll also receive the Holiday Spirit Temporary Power, which grants 24 hours of Debt Protection.

And what’s more, you’ll receive the _Holiday Cheer Temporary Power_ – a real gift of giving. You have to target another player and use Holiday Cheer on them. It will reward them with a random, Mystery Gift – possibly a Temporary Power, a sack full of Influence or Infamy, or maybe even a very recognizable hat.

There’s a whole lot more going on this Winter, with familiar faces and presents galore. Check back next week for more details of what’s in store for Paragon as the old year comes to a close.