City of Heroes Closing down

Farewell, from all of us at Paragon Studios

This morning we announced that Paragon Studios will be taking to the skies of City of Heroes for the last time.

In a realignment of company focus and publishing support, NCsoft has made the decision to close Paragon Studios. Effective immediately, all development on City of Heroes will cease and we will begin preparations to sunset the world’s first, and best, Super Hero MMORPG before the end of the year. As part of this, all recurring subscription billing and Paragon Market purchasing will be discontinued effective immediately. We will have more information regarding a detailed timeline for the cessation of services and what you can expect in game in the coming weeks.

The team here at Paragon deserves special praise for all that we have accomplished over the last 5+ years. These developers are some of the most creative and talented people in the gaming industry. By now, we’ve all been given this news internally, but to anyone who may be reading this message after the fact; know that your hard work and dedication has not gone unappreciated or unnoticed. To any potential studios looking to grow your team; hire these people. You won’t regret it.

To our Community,

Thank you. Thank you for your years of support. You’ve been with us every step of the way, sharing in our challenges, encouraging us to make City of Heroes better, more than everyone else thought it could be. We couldn’t have come this far without you. I implore you all, focus on the good things of CoH and Paragon Studios. Don’t dwell on the “how” or the “why”, but rather join us in celebrating the legacy of an amazing partnership between the players and the development team.

Thank you, and I’ll see you in the skies, one last time.

Andy Belford

Community Manager

Paragon Studios.

The game will be closing for good on 30th November.

City of Heroes : Summer Blockbuster event!

This summer, City of Heroes® brings you an exciting double feature event of pulse-pounding action in the Summer Blockbuster Event! In these new back-to-back adventures inspired by classic movie themes, you battle through time or plan the perfect heist. The Summer Blockbuster Event is more action-packed and exhilarating than this year’s summer flicks. The best part? You’re the star!

Summer Blockbuster

Time Gladiator

Time Gladiator Time Gladiator

You are thrust through time into a time-lost gladiatorial arena. To escape, you must defeat the three champions of the coliseum and their bizarre and dangerous henchmen. Waiting for the most brilliant and deadly of combatants, at the end of it all, is the great God-Champion. Deadly assassins, gunslinging outlaws, cybernetic soldiers, and mythical monsters come at you tooth and nail in a frenzied and ferocious battle! Sway the arena’s crowd with your ferocity or cleverness to gain valuable buffs in this quintessential combat set piece.

The Casino Heist

Casino Heist Casino Heist

A vast fortune hides behind the doors of the Tyrant’s Palace Casino. With the right plan and a smart crew, this job could set you up for life. The only things in your way are armed guards, a state-of-the-art security system, and an impenetrable vault. It’s time for a no-holds-barred battle for fistfuls of cash! Form a crew with a hitter, a hacker, a grifter, and a thief. Each team member has a unique role and abilities that let you pull off the biggest job ever!

City of Heroes : Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie is now Live!

The Praetorian War comes to a dramatic conclusion in Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie! The Heroes and Villains of Paragon City, still reeling from the deaths of the legendary Statesman and Sister Psyche, must rise to stop the ruthless Emperor Cole of Praetoria before his mad plans can shatter the dimensions.

Night Ward Environment Night Ward Environment

 New Zone: Night Ward

  • A Realm of Magic: Dark forces hide in Night Ward, threatening to destroy the world. Night Ward is a Level 30-35 co-op zone where characters encounter strange magical allies and foes. This Praetorian zone is connected to First Ward, and is a realm trapped between the land of the living and the world of the dead.
  • New Mystical and Undead Enemies: Encounter the creatures of Night Ward: the Animus Arcana, sentient spells that crave power; Drudges, who seek to guide souls (living and dead) to the realm of the dead; and the Black Knights, who run the eternal prison that is the Night Ward. The powerful Arch-Villain Shadowhunter also prowls this realm with his deadly army of beasts. 

Shadow Hunter Penelope Yin 

Blockbuster Conclusion to the Praetorian War

  • The Magisterium Incarnate Trial: The dimensional war against Emperor Cole comes to a climax in the new Magisterium Incarnate Trial. You’ve defeated all of Emperor’s Cole’s lieutenants and strongholds, and will now use knowledge gained in taking down Diabolique in an epic showdown against the Well’s Champion to determine the fate of two worlds!

Quality of Life Upgrades

  • Improved Free Player Chat and Grouping: Now all players (VIP, premium, and free) can join a new serverwide Looking for Group chat channel that allows them to communicate freely with each other. Free and premium players can also now join Super Groups, regardless of their status in the Paragon Rewards program.
  • Easy Portal Travel: The new Interdimensional Tunnel System makes getting from one world to another quick and easy. Get to outlying areas like Praetoria and the Shadow Shard easily with a quick dimension jump through conveniently located portals.

New VIP Content and Benefits

  • Signature Story Arc Series 2: “Pandora’s Box”: Both Heroes and Villains are being supercharged with new uncontrollable powers. Heroes team up with the remnants of the Freedom Phalanx to discover the secret menace behind the chaos, while Villains lay the groundwork for a new organization to rival the power of Arachnos.
  • New Mecha Armor Tier 9 Costume Set: The Mecha Armor costume set turns you into the sleek giant robot or high-tech warrior you’ve always dreamed of. Select from a new sword, rifle, backpack, and wings offered in this latest free costume set available only to VIP players as part of the Paragon Rewards program.

Mecha Armor Mecha Armor   

  • New Chain Mail and Leather Armor Costume Set: All VIP players have access to the Chain Mail and Leather Armor costume set. Look the part of a crusading knight, yeoman archer, or a rowdy barbarian in this versatile set.
  • New Incarnate Powers: Level 50 VIP players can now unlock the Hybrid Incarnate Tree, which grants them new powers based on the core Archetypes in City of Heroes®. You can choose a style that shores up a weakness, or one that further strengthens existing abilities. The Assault Tree increases your damage, the Control Tree raises your ability to lock down foes, the Melee Tree increases your defense and status protection, and the Support Tree grants bonuses to you and your teammates.

Full patch notes are available here.

City of Heroes : Issue 22: Death Incarnate is now Live!

The fog has cleared from the streets of Dark Astoria, revealing a horror so terrifying that even the restless spirits dare not roam its streets. Heroes and Villains alike seek to master the powers of darkness that rest with the Demon God, Mot. Experience the all new revamped Dark Astoria, the new Dilemma Diabolique Incarnate Trial and the all new, free for VIPs Power Set: Darkness Control! Issue 22: Death Incarnate has arrived to your favorite super heroic MMORPG, City of Heroes Freedom!

Sentinel Elite

With tons of new content, including the all new mid level trial Drowning in Blood, new Powersets, the new Olympian Guard costume set (free for all VIP subscribers), new low level missions found in Steel Canyon, and the much anticipated solo Incarnate Path in the newly revamped Dark Astoria, Issue 22: Death Incarnate is a great time for you to take to the skies in City of Heroes Freedom! So log in today and experience what’s new to Paragon City!

Diabolique Incarnate Trial

You can find an overview  for Issue 22: Death Incarnate here and the Patch Notes here!

City of Heroes : Spring Fling is near!

Spring is just around the corner, and Cupid’s arrows are nocked–it’s almost time for the annual Spring Fling celebration! This time, the matchmaking cherub has gone all out with new missions, badges, and temporary powers!

In addition to the yearly co-op tasks of fighting Arachnos to retake tainted water from the Well of the Furies, retrieving Aphrodite’s Girdle for the god Eros, and stopping that dimension-hopping Red Cap, Snaptooth, this year’s Spring Fling introduces two brand new holiday missions, with new rewards!

Widow in Red

Ms. Liberty (Heroes) and Arbiter Hawk (Villains) have recruited you for a secret mission involving the infamous Red Widow, Lord Recluse’s long-deceased love. This mission is available for characters level 30 or higher, and awards the Widow Maker badge for completion!


No Valentine’s Day would be complete without the exchange of love letters, but many of these heartfelt confessions have gotten lost throughout Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and Praetoria! DJ Zero has charged you with finding these Valentines and delivering them to their intended recipients, but that doesn’t mean you have to: if you’re feeling mischievous, you can misdirect the letters!

These Valentines drop from eligible mobs in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and Praetoria during Spring Fling. Players must be level 20 or higher, and have completed an attunement mission from Ganymede (Heroes) or Scratch (Villains). Completing a Valentine mission rewards you with new temp powers Arrows of Romance, which increases regeneration of allies and placates foes; or Arrows of Jealousy, which increases damage dealt by friends and confuses enemies. Completing Valentines missions will also award the Match Maker or Missed Connection badges!

The Spring Fling event begins Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 7am PST (10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET) and ends on Monday, February 27, 2012 at 7am PST (10am EST / 3pm GMT / 4pm CET)!