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Initially customised from the standard Condor tow, this production version of a “BattleTow” is unable to carry the cargo pod of the original but gains a smaller more combat effective profile. A prototype is reported to be currently undergoing trials at Ares Prime.

Production Center(s): TBA
CodeName: Griffon
Classification: Battle Tow
TechLevel: 30
Size(ucs): 56.4
Mass(kg): 56,000.0
Engines: 2
MAX Engine Size: 5
Gun Hardpoints: 2
Missile Hardpoints: 4
MODx Hardpoints: 7
Drag Factor: 36.0
MAX Pitch: 39.0
MAX Roll: 28
MAX Yaw: 28
MAX Cargo: 5
MAX PP Size: 5
MAX Radar Size: 4
MAX ECM Size: 3
MAX Shield Size: 4
MAX Capacitor Size: 4

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